The sea..

Exploration by boat

Mani has the peculiarity of confusing the mountains with the sea, confusing the eye and the mind.. Due to its morphology, it hides so many little diamonds that you should not miss. You have no choice but to explore it bit by bit and by sea.

Plan your next excursion and you will remember us… Safety, good knowledge of the sea, a seaworthy boat and a good mood are the basic ingredients to enjoy your sea excursion. Choose from a variety of destinations based on your preferences, as the most beautiful beaches emerge while you’re on board.

Caves that require anchoring, such as the craggy Black Pirate Cave, with resident small, playful seals. Ideal for masked exploration, the Lilliputian fishing village of Mezapos. The cliffs of Cabo Grosso, about 700 meters high, are awe-inspiring, second highest in a row after Gibraltar. Nearby you will also get to know the Maniatiko Fjord or Mezalimonas, a dreamlike beach. The Monastery of Agia Eleusa, carved into the rocks, under the cliff of Thyrida, is there to remind us that the will achieves everything. According to Homer, the Laistrygones lived in Gerolimena, the Holy Harbor.

Cape Tainaro, if it is once imperative to visit it on foot, then it is undoubtedly worth exploring, with anxiety and a good camera, and from the sea. The seabed, the deep blue waters, the coves in Porto Sternes where the ancient lodgings are preserved to this day, intensify the suspense. And then follow the beaches of Androgyalos, Neoria, Psamathos and Aleurospilios.

An experience that, when it comes to the end, creates nostalgia until the next time…


Beaches of unique wild beauty, with a background of special beauty stone towers and the bare, arid mountains complete the scene. The clear blue waters, the abundance of options, automatically make it the most favorite destination of the Peloponnese. A corner of Greece with unparalleled authenticity – every point magical and unique…

• Limeni, a small cosmopolitan gem.. Its picturesqueness has made it one of the most must destinations.
• Mezapos, this Lilliputian fishing village, has an air of an exotic place. A raging gulf – nature’s gulf.
• Exo Katti, ideal for lovers of discovery with the unique castle-state of Vathia as a background and at the same time looking out over the Mediterranean.
• Marmari, Porto Kayo or Kokkinogeia? The most common dilemma since each one has its own magic and uniqueness! The sandy cosmopolitan beach in Marmari doesn’t let you go easily… unless you’ve heard of the ‘private’ one you’ll find at the end of the village of the same name, a hidden secret between the bare hills and the turquoise sea.
• Porto Cajo is a picturesque fishing village, with its natural harbor and traditional tavernas on the sea, a location of refined luxury. In Kokkinogeia, beauty has degenerated.. Only when you visit them will you understand the magic, as it will captivate you. Away from the crowds, between rocks and the sea, the small creeks lead to natural pools with transparent waters, such harmony is rare.
• Alypa and Ampelos! Two more creeks – dilemma, with crystal clear waters and white pebbles surrounded by turrets. The composition of a dreamy escape landscape!
• Skopa, the locals call it ‘Island’. It is famous for its blue-green waters that reflect the trees that surround it! A hidden harbor, to be enjoyed in the company of cicadas and splashing water. The peninsula is the sea citadel of ancient Teuthroni. You will meet her somewhere between the settlement of Kotrona and the village of Flomochori.
• We close with the steepest beach of Mani… Foneas! A few kilometers before Kardamili, heading towards Kalamata, you will come across a blue-green water paradise, with white pebbles and a large rock in the center of the beach acting as a natural… the visitors.
Do not lose it!


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