Riding Horse

‘A passer-by sees Mani in three days, a walker in three months and to see her soul you need three lives.. One for the seas, one for the mountains and one for the people…’ is the first thing you will hear.

Every activity to harmonize with the essence must have something connected with the tradition of the place. A lot of time is needed to explore and discover, the hikes are varied, the religious history and archaeological sites are many..

But you have to steal time, don’t not enjoy the experience of riding in this proud land. The Philippian spirit of the Maniatas comes from a long time ago… Every family owned a threshing floor, even in our outdoor area, you will find one, which has been renovated.

Riding a horse you become a part of nature, one with the whole… how idyllic when this nature consists of tower houses, cobblestones, olive trees, canvas of orange and pink colors in the sky, further back the sea, the calmness and carefreeness of Mani. This activity will be unforgettable. Familiarity with horses, experience, good knowledge and contagiousness, safety, will contribute to an idealized moment.

Ask us and we will be happy to give you detailed information.

Creation with Clay

Have you ever touched and worked with clay?

We would suggest you try it. On the way to the Cave of Diros you will find the pottery shop ‘Zervobeakos pottery’. There, Alexandros and Rania, two artists with refined aesthetics, maintain their exhibition space and their workshop which is open to the public. If you happen to be there during the ‘low season’, you will forget to leave.. If you happen to be in another season, don’t miss to stop by to get some of the unique souvenirs they create.

Olive Picking

In the winter months, the locals work with olives. With the treatment of these for the production of virgin olive oil, the harvesting of olive fruits and the preparation of derivatives. Every lover of the earth, anyone who wants to leave behind the pressure of everyday life, can take part in olive-themed workshops.

The most ‘expensive’ derivatives are village soap and beeswax. Did you know that all of these with some variations can be used in many different situations? Would you like to be able to prepare them in your home kitchen?

In case you nodded in the affirmative after reading our previous question or we piqued your interest, we would like to tell you that you can do the first test with us.

Tradition is a source of connection between generations and perpetuates something positive that promotes mental health.


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